How Often Should I Service My Ducted Air Conditioning Unit?

Your aircon unit, regardless of the type or brand, needs regular maintenance to perform efficiently and prolong its lifespan. Neglecting to service your air conditioning system regularly can result in the accumulation of dust and dirt build-up in filters, fans, and coils, affecting its functionality and shortening its lifespan. This also increases the energy expenses because your room isn’t as cool as it once was!

The interior components of your air conditioning unit wear down over time as a result of processing so much air. This is where the operation of the air conditioning system deteriorates, causing discomfort, health issues, and higher expenses. Therefore, it is recommended to get an air conditioning cleaning and servicing at least once a year.

When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning System?

When it comes to how often air cons should be serviced, most professionals recommend every 12 months. Air conditioning maintenance is required regularly to keep your system in good working order and ensure its longevity, irrespective of the brand or type. If you just have a cooling unit, the optimum time to arrange maintenance is anytime in the spring so that it is ready for the hot summer months. If your air conditioning system also serves as a heating system, you should have it serviced twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn before the colder winter months arrive.

If you use your air conditioning constantly throughout the year, you might want to consider getting air con maintenance services twice a year. This can be discussed with the professionals to create a suitable maintenance strategy based on your specific requirements. The frequency with which the system should be cleaned is determined by how frequently it is serviced. Cleaning will be done by a professional as part of the service, but there are certain things you can do to determine how often you need an air conditioning cleaning.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Air conditioning units are a vital component in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Like any other machinery, they require regular maintenance to function at their best capacity. The three most common types of air con systems are ducted split and cassette systems. Each system requires different maintenance practices to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

  • Duct Air Conditioning Maintenance

    One of the more difficult systems to maintain is a ducted air con filter. This system has several vents that are connected to a central unit which is again connected to an exterior condensing unit. To maintain a ducted air conditioning system, the grilles, vents, and ducted air con filter cleaning should be done regularly to prevent blockages.

  • Split Air Conditioning Maintenance

    A split system air conditioning, as the name implies, consists of two units, one of which is mounted on the wall of the desired room and the other unit is placed outside the house. Both are linked by a network of copper pipes and electrical cables. The interior unit serves as a fan and evaporator, while the outside unit acts as a condenser, drawing in hot air via the indoor unit and dispersing it around the house.

    The condenser draws the outside air, which is cooled and then transported back inside to the interior unit, where the cold air is distributed by the fan. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, air conditioning maintenance of the interior unit’s air filters should be the priority. These filters gather dust and debris from the air and should be vacuumed or wiped clean every few months.

  • Cassette Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Cassette air conditioning systems feature two units – one interior and the other exterior, similar to a split system. They also work similarly, employing evaporative technology to dehumidify and deliver cold air from the outside compressor unit. The primary distinction between the two is the system configuration. The cassette system is installed in the ceiling as a central air conditioner and provides 4-way directed airflow. To ensure maximum efficiency, air con filter cleaning should be performed every few months, especially during the summer.

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. It is recommended to get them serviced by a professional at least once a year. Signs that your air con needs maintenance include, frequentbreakdowns, rising energy bills are rising, unusual noises, and decreased cooling performance.

If you require highly qualified and competent experts for air con maintenance services in Sydney, JRS Air is your one-stop solution. We offer air-con filter cleaning as well as a variety of installation services, including back-to-back split air, ducted system, and central, and window unit systems. You can always get in touch with our support staff to discuss your requirements. Call us on 1300 JRS AIR or email us at You may also visit our website at for more information about our air conditioning installation and maintenance services.

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