Think of the inverter air conditioner as a car driving along a highway. Before you take off your sitting in your car at a stand still. When your ready to go, you put your foot on the accelerator and steadily go faster and faster until you reach your desired speed.

Once you are there you ease your foot off and cruise along at a constant speed, lightly pressing down on the accelerator. Only pressing down a little more when you need to compensate for a slight incline or headwind coming straight at you. The engine works much less and uses less fuel.

Then you hit a hill and you find yourself pressing down on the accelerator harder using more and more of that expensive energy called petrol.
You probably never even think of it in those terms when you drive your car. How any form of resistance in the forward momentum of your car is actually chewing through the money that was just in your wallet or purse.

The only time you think about the money you spend running your car is when you stand at the counter and hand over hard earned cash,or worse….your credit card!

Inverters work in much the same way.

Inverter air conditioners are the same.

They speed up and slow down as the system needs it to, for it get to the desired temperature. Once they hit their speed they can make slight adjustments in their output to compensate for changes in temperature throughout the day, whether in heating or cooling mode. All the time trying to keep the input power required to a minimum.

Conventional air conditioners are the equivalent of getting in your car and planting your foot for a few KM’s and then taking your foot off, planting your foot for a few KM’s and then taking your foot off,planting your foot right down HARD for a few KM’s and then taking your foot off, rinse – repeat!

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