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One of the most popular types of Air Conditioning systems used in homes, a split system is ‘split’ into two units; one that’s inside your home and one that is outside your home. These systems have gained popularity as they are efficient ways to both cool and heat your home throughout all seasons of the year. Some of the primary benefits of a reverse cycle split system include they are cost effective to install and also to run, they are easy to maintain and they run quietly and efficiently.

Situations in which a split system may not be the best option would be if you are trying to cool or heat a large open plan area as these systems can only push the air so far which renders them less effective in a larger space than a ducted system.

Split systems come in an array of different sizes and choosing the right size is particularly important to ensure you have maximum performance and minimal running costs. Air conditioners that are too large will use more energy, while systems that are too small will not cool or heat your space adequately. Split systems generally come in sizes from as little as 2.5kw through to the larger end of the scale at around 9kw.

Split System Air Conditioning Repairs & Installation in Sydney

We are specialized in supplying and installing the individual split air conditioners and multi-wall splits throughout Sydney. The multi-wall splits allow you to have one outdoor unit with two or more indoor units. At JRS Air, we have the single and multi-wall split air conditioning system are available with invertor technology, these invertor models will control the current frequency according to the desired temperature settings and outside air conditions, which make them more energy efficient.

We keep you comfortable all the year by supplying the best and long-lasting air conditioning system and its services. We have a team of trained technicians to install your systems at any situation. JRS Air is the leading split air conditioning service provider in Sydney serving our customers with professional air conditioning system installation and services right across the Sydney metropolitan areas.

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