Split System Air Conditioning Installation Service in BANGOR

JRS Air is a well-known air conditioning solutions service provider for domestic and commercial spaces inAustralia. We are known for a wide range of services like air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our air conditioning specialists in BANGOR are fully licensed and experienced in solving all kinds of AC-related problems. We have a team of qualified technicians that provide customers with complete peace of mind. Be assured to get a quick, easy installation, and repairs. Our professionals leave the space exactly as they found it so that the customer does not have to do any cleanups.

At JRS Air, our consultants also help clients choose between the different types of air conditioning systems that we have – split system air conditioning, multi-split air conditioning, and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. Let’s see how they differ from each other:

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

These systems are well-suited to the severe temperature conditions in Australia. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioningsystems can effectively cool down spaces in summer and warm them up in winter. These are generally used to manage the temperature of large indoor areas.

How Does Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Work?

  • Durable: Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners can have a long life cycle with just a little bit of maintenance.
  • Effective: It can be used for quick and effective cooling/heating even when temperatures outside are very high/very low.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Systems

These AC systems are perfect for homeowners who need to cool down multiple rooms in their homes but do not want to invest in separate air conditioners for each room. Moreover, these systems have their evaporator and condenser as two separate parts, so one cooling system can be used for sending cold air to different rooms.

Is it better to have multiple AC units?

  • Affordability: These are reasonably priced home cooling solutions (save money on buying individual units for each room).
  • Well-suited: It is the only effective cooling solution in houses without air conditioning ducts.
  • Less noisy: This makes very little noise and is highly effective at temperature control.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split air conditioners are commonly used domestic air conditioning systems for a single room. The system is small, easy to install and does not damage the wall on it is mounted. It can be used for cooling or heating a room, and users can set the exact room temperature using an infrared remote. Energy consumption is between 2000 to 9000 watts. Airflow direction can be changed manually for higher comfort.

JRS Air has been offering customers a one-of-a-kind air conditioning Installation service across Sydney for over 17 years now. Our dedicated services have made us the most sought-after air conditioner service company in Sydney. Call us on 1300 577 247 to get the most competitively priced air conditioner services at your doorstep today!

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