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JRS Air has been Australia’s one of most trusted air conditioning specialists for the last 12 years. We provide air conditioning installation and repair servicing for all kinds of residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Our team of fully licensed technicians is here to offer peace of mind to customers in LIVERPOOL REGION.

We ensure that our clients get the most hassle-free and professional service in the air conditioning industry. At JRS Air, we provide various types of air conditioning for different kinds of spaces and cooling needs. All our high-quality split system air-conditioning, multi-split air conditioning systems, and ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are available at the most competitive rates.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning

These air conditioning systems have a reverse refrigeration cycle that cools down warm spaces and heats cool rooms. They are great for temperature control in larger indoor areas. You can choose this type of air conditions because of the following advantages:

  • Great for Australian weather
  • Provide effective cooling/heating even with extreme temperatures outside
  • Very sturdy and useful for a long time with proper maintenance

Split System Air Conditioning Installation LIVERPOOL REGION

Multi-split air conditioning system

These air-conditioners are divided into two separate parts- the evaporator and the condenser. This means that the same cooling system can be used to supply cool air to different rooms within a house. The following are the key benefits of this AC system:

  • Saves the cost of spending on air conditioners for different rooms
  • Useful to control the temperature in domestic spaces
  • Makes very little noise
  • Useful in homes with no provisions for AC ducts

Split system air conditioning

This is the most common form of air conditioning system used in domestic settings. These are great for cooling down a single room and can be used for both heating and cooling. There is an infrared remote to control the temperature accurately. It requires 2000 to 9000 watts of power depending on usage and type of machine. Air direction can be controlled for more effective cooling.

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