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We Provide Fast, Reliable Heating and Air Conditioning Installation  in Entire Sydney Metro & Surround NSW areas.

Residential Air Conditioning
Residential Air Conditioning
Home is where the heart is. We all deserve to be comfortable in our own homes.
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Commercial Air Conditioning
Commercial Air Conditioning
Making sure the workplace is as comfortable as possible for your employees is the first step
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A boiling hot summer day at home or in the office with a botched air conditioning system
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Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney

To fully enjoy the benefits of your cooling system, it’s essential to enlist the expertise of professionals. By doing so, you guarantee that your aircon unit is installed accurately, operates at its best, and lasts longer. JRS Air offers a reliable air conditioning installation in Sydney.   Our trained technicians have the expertise to make sure your air conditioning installation goes smoothly and efficiently.

When it comes to cooling or heating unit installation, experience matters. Over the years, we’ve provided a large number of successful works. Our team is capable of carrying out air conditioning installations of all sizes and complexities. From split-type units to ducted aircon systems, we have the skills and resources to get the job done right.

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Years of Residential and Domestic Experience
Step-By-Step AC Installation

Aircon Specialists: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Efficiency

It’s important to hire an aircon specialist to install those units. Inadequate training or expertise during installation can lead to a myriad of issues. Poorly installed aircon systems not only perform inferiorly but can also result in costly future problems.

The Risks of Inadequate Installation

Improper installation of an air conditioning unit can lead to various risks. It can compromise its performance and longevity. These risks include:

  • Inefficient Cooling: Incorrect installation may result in reduced airflow and cooling, leading to discomfort and higher energy bills.
  • Reduced Lifespan: Components may wear out prematurely due to strain caused by inappropriate installation. It shortens the lifespan of the unit.
  • Increased Energy Consumption: Inefficient installation can cause the system to work harder than necessary, resulting in higher energy consumption.
  • Frequent Breakdowns: Badly installed units are more prone to malfunctions and breakdowns which can lead to inconvenience and costly repairs.
  • Safety Hazards: Faulty installation can pose safety risks such as electrical hazards or refrigerant leaks. This can compromise the safety and well-being of occupants.

If you want to keep your home or business cool and comfortable, relying on an Air Conditioning specialist is essential. Skilled technicians minimise the risk of discomfort and system inefficiency during installation. At JRS Air, we have years of experience in delivering top-rated service.

Importance of a Professional Air Conditioning Installation

DIY installation can have several downsides. Doing research online isn’t enough and it cannot compare to the experience and training that professional technicians have. Choosing specialists guarantees top-quality service and long-term benefits. Our professional installation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Optimal Performance: We ensure that your air conditioning unit is installed correctly. Accurate installation maximises its performance and provides consistent cooling throughout your space.
  • Energy Efficiency: With precise installation techniques, we optimise the efficiency of your system. This method reduces energy consumption and lowers your utility bills.
  • Extended Lifespan: Proper installation minimises wear and tear on components. It can help extend the lifespan of your aircon and delay the need for costly replacements.
  • Reduced Breakdowns: By eliminating installation errors, we reduce the likelihood of malfunctions and breakdowns.
  • Enhanced Safety: Our professionals prioritise safety during installation. We do our best to minimise the risk of electrical hazards, refrigerant leaks, and other safety concerns.
  • Meeting Desired Comfort Levels: Professional installation ensures that your cooling unit is sized correctly for your space and installed in a way that distributes cool air evenly. This helps maintain consistent comfort levels throughout your home or business.
  • Less Noise: Properly installed air conditioning systems create a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment for occupants. When all components are correctly positioned and secured, it helps minimise vibrations and rattling noises.

Aircon Installation Made Easy with Us

Our professional services are designed to simplify the entire installation process. With an experienced team, we can handle all the intricate details and complete the installation without issues. We offer the following services:

  • Residential Air Conditioning: Our residential air conditioning service is second to none. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade your existing one, our team of experts is here to help. We’ll work with you to assess your needs and recommend the best aircon installation solution for your home.
  • Commercial Air Conditioning: Keeping your workplace cool and comfortable is essential for productivity and customer satisfaction. With our commercial air conditioning service, your business operations remain undisturbed while we efficiently install or upgrade your system.

Types of Air Conditioning Installation We Offer

Our diverse range of services ensures that you can find the perfect cooling solution for your home or business. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs. Here are the types of aircon installation we offer:

  • Split System: Ideal for individual rooms or smaller spaces, split system air conditioning installations provide efficient cooling without the need for ductwork. Our expert technicians will ensure that your split system is installed correctly and operates at optimal performance.
  • Reverse Cycle: Enjoy lasting comfort with a reverse cycle air conditioning These versatile units provide both cooling and heating capabilities, making them perfect for any climate. Our professional air conditioning installers will ensure that your reverse cycle system is set up for maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Multi-split: For larger homes or commercial spaces, multi split systems air conditioner are the ideal choice. It offers the flexibility to cool multiple rooms or areas with individual indoor units. These indoor units are connected to a single outdoor unit. Our skilled technicians will design and install a multi-split system tailored to your specific needs, ensuring even cooling throughout your space.
  • Inverter Air Conditioners: Inverter technology helps to regulate the compressor speed, resulting in energy savings and improved comfort levels. Our inverter air conditioning installation services will ensure that you get the most out of your system. This includes precise temperature control and reduced energy consumption.
  • Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Installation: Experience whole-home comfort with ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. These systems use ductwork to distribute conditioned air throughout your home. This air distribution provides consistent cooling and heating. Our expert installation team will design and install a ducted system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Contact Us to Get a Free Quote for Aircon Installation Today!

No matter what type of air conditioning installation you require, you can trust us to deliver exceptional results. Our team at JRS Air is here to help you find the perfect cooling solution for your home or business. We tailor our services to your specific needs and budget. To request a free quote, you can call us on 1300 577 247. You can also email our team at info@jrsair.com.au. Get in touch with us today to schedule your aircon installation and start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable environment in no time!

Yes, we service and repair all air conditioning systems. It does not matter which vendor installed your system, or what the brand or model of your air-conditioner is. Our team visits your home or office, checks the air conditioning system, and provides you with a free no-obligation quote.

We are usually able to respond the same day as your enquiry. The quickest way to get in touch with us is by phone on 1300 JRS AIR (1300 577 247). If you require urgent assistance, contact our team and we will assist you as best as we can.

We service the entire Sydney Metro and Illawarra regions with the most of our installations taking place in the Sutherland Shire, St George, Canterbury and Inner West regions along with the Wollongong and Shellharbour regions.
We work with all major brands and can recommend the best models according to your requirements and budget. There are a number of variables when calculating the best Air Conditioning solution to meet your needs, some of which include, are you looking for a single room split system or a centralised air conditioning unit? Do you have an apartment, a multi-floor bungalow or a beach house? Are you looking for air conditioning solutions for your office, warehouse or shop? Get in touch, our team are experts at identifying the best Air Conditioning solution for you based on your needs and requirements.
Most Air Conditioning units typically last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. However, we recommend replacing your Air Conditioning unit after approximately 12 years.

After this, it becomes difficult to source the parts and the repairs also become expensive without guaranteed results. However, this is contingent on a number of factors including things like frequency of use, weather conditions, maintenance, etc.

If you use your Air Conditioning in a commercial space or a high-intensity environment such as a chemical warehouse, a hospital or if its usage is strenuous and constant, it won’t endure for as long as an Air Conditioning unit used in a home setting with average usage.

The average cost of a new air conditioner in Sydney can often range from $2,000 to $12,000. This includes the cost of the Air Conditioning unit and its installation. The cost will vary depending on the brand, capacity and features that you choose. For example, a single room split system unit costs less than a ducted system multi-room unit.

Our team are experts at identifying the best Air Conditioning solution for you based on your needs and requirements.

We recommend changing an Air Conditioning unit that has endured a life span of around 12 years. This is as a result of the cost of older parts. Additionally, quite often, parts for older models are difficult to procure at all. Often the cost to fix an older model is close to the cost of a brand new, more efficient unit. Generally speaking, older units tend to cool less effectively and consume more power.

The optimum temperature for comfort and energy efficiency is between 22° – 23°C. This will ensure your home remains comfortable whilst minimising your energy usage.

At JRS Air, we install a wide range of air conditioning systems to meet your needs. Some of the types of systems we install include:

  • Split system air conditioning
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Multi-split air conditioning
  • Inverter air conditioners
  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning
Yes, we provide air conditioning installation services for both residential and commercial properties. We have experience working with a variety of property types and sizes, ensuring that you receive the perfect cooling system tailored to your specific needs. If you have any further questions or would like more information, feel free to contact us.

Air Conditioning & Heating Installation Services

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Neville Mirza
Neville Mirza
Josh went above and beyond for us! He is very experienced and provided an excellent service. Highly recommended
Lisa Richardson
Lisa Richardson
Highly recommend Josh and his team. They completed our ducted air conditioning quickly and smoothly. They provided a very competitive quote and their service was great. Polite team, cleaned up any mess and removed all packaging. Very professional!
Haydn Evans
Haydn Evans
Josh and his team were great and I could not be happier with their service, value, knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend JRS Air.
Denis Cauduro
Denis Cauduro
Josh and his team were fantastic. Josh went through teh quote with me and answered my questions quickly. His team were on time, very professional, vacuumed and mopped the floor when they finished. All up and running and on a 38 degree day outside teh house is very comfortable. I was recommended to use JRS from a family member and I would gladly recommend this company to others.
Sujan Shrestha
Sujan Shrestha
Thank you JRS team for your amazing service. Very professional team and great workmanship. I am very happy with my Airtouch5 system. I hope the warranty claim process would be as smooth as the installation.I would definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.
Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson
Professional and responsive. Joshua and the team are very knowledgeable and have excellent customer service and had a good understanding of our needs. Would highly recommend. Paul L
Josh & his team are very professional & friendly. I can highly recommend JRS for your next air conditioner. Thank you
Daniel Madanat
Daniel Madanat
Josh and the team did a great job at my place. They were professional, punctual and priced well. Highly recommend.