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JRS Air is the leading company offering a wide range of air conditioning installations and aircon repairs in Sutherland shire and surrounding Sydney. We have many years of experience in providing installation services for both split and ducted air conditioning systems. We supply and design the air conditioning units according to the customer’s requirements. We know that quality installation will impact the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the unit. Therefore, JRS Air provides quality installation services to our customers for the best results. We provide services for both commercial and residential customers. We have over 17 years of experience in providing services as a professional air conditioning specialist Sydney.

There is no “one size fits for all” for every model of air conditioner. Factors such as space and the process of installation may vary from one system to another so there is a need to consider these factors for the successful installation and workings of the system. Our technicians are specialists in providing the best installation services. When they arrive to install your air conditioning system, they will first assess the building and its surroundings and will select a perfect place to install your air conditioning system. All the installations are carried out by licensed and insured technicians, all with many years of experience to ensure all our work will meet the customers requirements.

JRS Air started trading in 2007 and have installed almost all brands and models of air conditioners available in the market.We have chosen to sell the best brands of air conditioning units based on quality, price, reliability, and noise levels indoor and outdoor.

JRS Air will ensure the correct kilowatt system is chosen by working out the square meter age of the room or your entire house. Our design specialists will be involved during the planning stageas a minor alteration in design will save a huge amount of money in retrofitting your cooling and heating system.

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Our commitment in providing our services to current and future customers ensures that we provide excellent services that will result in long-term satisfaction.

Air conditioning systems are the most economical way to heat your home or office in winter and cool in summer. Call us now 0477 168 887to find the best option foryour requirements.


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