Same and Next Day Air Conditioner Repairs in Sydney

A boiling hot summer day at home or in the office with a botched air conditioning system is a nightmare most of us should not go through, for more than a day at the very least. Even the best designed and expertly installed air conditioning system might break down and you will need a professional for Aircon repairs when that happens. The air conditioner repairs should be carried out by an expert with in-depth understanding of the brand or model of the system at hand. It is also imperative that the Aircon service is reliable and quick. At JRS Air, we provide same and next day Air conditioner repairs all over Sydney, offering you a team of experienced professionals who can repair your air conditioner as fast as possible.

Aircon Repairs & Regular Service Maintenance in Sydney

An air conditioning unit performing its functions at peak conditions requires less electricity than a poorly maintained one. It might seem like a costly affair to do aircon repairs and regular maintenance but the savings in the long term is worth it. You might be able to use your system longer if it is regularly maintained, instead of replacing the air conditioner every few years. But it is equally important that a seasoned professional do the maintenance because improper maintenance can reduce the life of the unit considerably. At JRS Air, we provide the best trustworthy maintenance services you need all over Sydney. We use manufacturer-recommended and certified replacement parts which might seem expensive at first but works longer and performs well. It is difficult to differentiate between cheap, low-quality parts and higher quality one, which is why you should trust us professionals to do our job.

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JRS Air is a one-of-a-kind aircon repair services in Sydney with affordable pricing and high-quality services performed by our well-trained and professionally qualified aircon technicians. Call us on 1300 JRS AIR and talk to our experts on the most affordable aircon services and get your free quote right away!

You should get your air conditioning unit checked or serviced at least once every year. This should be done before the change of season or at the onset of summer.

During excessive heat waves, prolonged summer or dust storms, if you notice a drop in the cooling effectiveness of your air conditioning unit, it would be best to have it checked and serviced.

During an Air Conditioning service, our experts will clean or replace the air filter, condensate pump, plastic filters removing dirt and debris from the entire system. We will also clean both indoor and outdoor coils and check the functioning of the thermostat. Afterwards, the unit will be tested thoroughly to ensure proper cooling before servicing can be deemed complete.

Generally, a service will take between 1 to 2 hours. It may take longer if any diagnostics or repairs need to be undertaken.

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