Split Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

JRS Air is the leading air conditioning system company in Sydney offering the best quality split air conditioning systems and its installation services throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. The split air conditioners are generally used to cool small areas like homes, individual rooms, apartments, rental properties and for small businesses.

The modern alternative for room air conditioner is the split air conditioner, which have been the trending cooling and heating solution. The common features of a split air conditioning are as follows:

  • They are useful for both cooling and heating purposes according to the user requirement.
  • The size ranges from 2000 to 9000 watts of domestic uses.
  • They have the automatic mode of three fans speed.
  • They have an accurate temperature control.
  • The air force directions will be manual or automatic.
  • They have infrared remote control.
  • They has built in 24 hours clock with timer control

The main benefit of using these split is conditioning units are they are easy to install and cheaper to maintain and operate when compared with the ducted air conditioning system. These systems are modern, alternative and available in a wide range of styles which suit all tastes and available in your budget. Ultra quiet models are also available, where the user can adjust the temperature of a room without starting or stopping the air conditioning system.

We are specialised in supplying and installing the individual split air conditioners and multi-wall splits throughout Sydney. The multi- wall splits allow you to have one outdoor unit with two or more indoor units. At JRS Air, we have the single and multi-wall split air conditioning system are available with invertor technology, these invertor models will control the current frequency according to the desired temperature settings and outside air conditions, which make them more energy efficient.

We keep you comfortable all the year by supplying the best and long lasting air conditioning system and its services. We have a team of trained technicians to install your systems at any situation. We are the leading split air conditioning service providers in Sydney serving our customers with professional air conditioning system installation and services right across the Sydney metropolitan areas.

Split Air Conditioning Installation Sydney