JRS Air provide professional Aircon Repairs and Services to Commercial, Residential and Industrial sectors throughout Sutherland shire, Sydney & surround NSW regional area.  We pride ourselves in offering a quality and professional service that ensures we have satisfied customers that are happy to use us again and happily recommend us.

  • Design and Installation of New Air Conditioning Systems
  • Servicing and Maintenance
  • Regular Maintenance Program
  • Breakdown Service

An Air Conditioning Service includes:

  • Cleaning the return air filters and cover
  • Checking the conditioner refrigeration system
  • Checking the refrigerant gas charges / levels
  • Checking all electric connections
  • Testing and observing the units for noise and vibration
  • Chemical coil clean
  • Checking and adjusting as necessary of thermostats / controls
  • Flushing / clearing condensate drain pipes

Regular Maintenance Program

We also offer a Regular Service Program, where we will come out to your home or office on a scheduled basis to service the air conditioning systems, so you don’t have to remember to call us. Many commercial leases stipulate that the tenant must service the air conditioning systems regularly.  Book in an initial Service and we’ll advise you whether we recommend monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or yearly servicing of your air conditioner depending on your usage and how dirty the system will get.

Breakdown Service

Like any mechanical device, air conditioning systems can sometimes breakdown and require repair. We offer a repair service of just about any brand of air conditioner. Please contact us to book in a Breakdown Attendance.  Our fully qualified technician will diagnose the fault, and if possible repair it on-the-spot, otherwise we’ll provide a quotation for further repairs and/or spare parts required.